Help for Asmita

This isn’t about any series of write- ups.🙅

Dear friends,
My friend Asmita is a 3rd yr UG student of IIEST Shibpur. Her father is on life-support ventilation right now and fighting for his life. Both of his kidneys failed 1.5 years ago & he has been surviving on dialysis since then.

She has started this campaign due to financial crisis.This is the most difficult time for her & her family.So, she really needs all of us to help her out.


Phonepay/Paytm no. 9453884023 Name Asmita Shukla

Tez 9162799754

Name Shubhalaxmi

#Your small contribution can save someone’s life!!!


Intoxicated thoughts (Part-1)

My newly love ,
Getting away from you , nowhere less than hell.
Trying to escape from you, as much I can,
Though you made my life –
Bit easy, more exciting and carefree !
Definitely, dreams are getting partial and wounds get recovered.
But,your company no more pleasing to me,
even it haunts me more.

It’s time for U-turn,
Otherwise , I’ll turn into ashes!!

Drug victim.

        – © Arun Kumar kushwaha

 Read one more time , replace you to  drugs! Hope u will get, what I mean.


Miles out from each other,

Sitting in a dark ,even on the  festival of light.

Finally , At 10 p.m . cellphone rings.

Yeah, it’s call from high- school friend,

 & in no time, that  darkness turn into giggles and all good vibes!!

   Surely,It can be #best_Diwali _gift

  So, call your friends& relatives because it’s never late to start 😜.(Add another memory!!)

   #Wish u very happy Diwali to all readers 


    © – Arun Kumar kushwaha