School memories 


We were classmates,

We hardly had conversations,

We felt neutral towards each other,

Neither jealous nor affection,

At sudden, we started hating each other.

Even we don’t know exact reason,

I guess it might be-

She loves mathematics & I hardly score 1/3 in that,

But I can easily solve mole concept ,while she remain numb in that.

That awkward hatredness turns into affection,

When she taught me complex number

& I taught her mole concept!!

         -© Arun Kumar kushwaha
Pic credit: Google.

Lonely me.. ( part – 4)

We shortened our text in name of “maturity”

To become career consciousness 

& for our bright future.

But actually we are fooling each other,

By doing that our life became worst.

We started thinking of our memories, 

instead making new one.

We started crying alone,

rather wiping tears of each other.

Our reality turned into virtuality!!

And many more emotions ,

That can’t be pasted here,

Not ,because of shortage of words..

Because WE promised to keep it as -‘SECRET’!!

                 ©   – Arun Kumar kushwaha

                           Pic credit – Google.

Lonely me ..(part -3)

My so called – ‘ LOVE’

Let’s finish this game!

Stop thinking about us

Stop texting me

Stop talking  me.

Reunite your thoughts ,

Reconstruct your dreams .

Not with our flourish future

It should be – our decayed one,

Where I should be your enemy.

Tomorrow’s dawn will be special one,

I will stop caring you

I will stop entertaining you

I will stop feeling you

And I will start dieing without you!!!!!

   ©- Arun kumar kushwaha 

Pic credit – Google.

Lonely me ( part -2)

I don’t wanna spoil my mood,

Because of your thoughts.

What I can do??

Should I ignore you or hate you??

Yeah I did it.

But I lamented on next instant,

Because I invested my time on you.

Now,neither my time nor you are with me..

I have only  loneliness of your memories,

And I am slave of it…….

I don’t want to express any more thoughts,

Because I want to be liberal.

  Pic credit – Google.

      ©  – Arun Kumar Kushwaha

My mind is full of random thoughts…

Worst memories are overpowering the good ones..

I wanna express it…

With whom I should do???

The one who knows me or who understands me??

The one who understands me ,is far from me..

&who knows me ,is unable to know me.

I decided to remain with my loneliness,

So my thoughts,

 may fade with it!!

Pic source : Google.


    ©  -Arun Kumar Kushwaha

I swear…

May be I will not praise you,in your victory…

May be I will rude to u,in some circumstances….

May be our fights will be ferocious…

These things hardly matters…..

I will stand next to u,in your hard knocks..

But,I will not wipe your tears…

I will teach you, to wipe your own…

…So,u will not miss me, 

when I will not with you!!!!


   ©  – Arun Kumar kushwaha

At 2 am we used to text..
Now no more chit- chat..

Instead of that,we have video calls.

But the difference is–

One wanted time pass..

& other wants to spend time!!

With all these,

One’s contact entered to black list..

And, other one’s in recent list!!!

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  ©-Arun Kumar kushwaha