Lonely me.. ( part – 4)

We shortened our text in name of “maturity”

To become career consciousness 

& for our bright future.

But actually we are fooling each other,

By doing that our life became worst.

We started thinking of our memories, 

instead making new one.

We started crying alone,

rather wiping tears of each other.

Our reality turned into virtuality!!

And many more emotions ,

That can’t be pasted here,

Not ,because of shortage of words..

Because WE promised to keep it as -‘SECRET’!!

                 Β©   – Arun Kumar kushwaha

                           Pic credit – Google.

19 thoughts on “Lonely me.. ( part – 4)

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    1. Or isn’t that we force ourselves because of the conditions…I mean maybe if we try, maybe if its really important we might find a way out?

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