Random thoughts (Part-15)

"Drink you will feel better" Somewhere between "Medicine " To "Beer" We all grew up . _© Arun Kumar Kushwaha


Random thoughts ( Part-14)

ए , दीवारें मै तेरा इतिहास जाने आया था, लेकिन ये ह्रास देखकर... तेरे , भविष्य के लिए चिंतित हूं

Volcanic Moments :- Mona Mohanty ( Book- review)

☘️Book :- Volcanic Moments ☘️Author :- Mona Mohanty ☘️Format :- Paperback ☘️Publisher :- Authorspress ☘️Language :- English . . About the Author Mona Mohanty is an officer of the Indian Revenue Service. Weaving stories has always been her passion. An alumni of Lady Shri Ram College and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, this collection of... Continue Reading →

Instagram connectivity

Hllo , everyone! Hope u all r doing great! . From last few months, I have observed bloggers do not get proper appreciation for their posts . This generally occurs due to ,they do not properly connect with other bloggers. . I think we should make a group on any social platform, where we can... Continue Reading →

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