Looking for collab.

Hey readers! Hope you are doing well 😊.

I believe sharing information and group work always help us to learn new things. Therefore, I’m looking for collaboration.. it can be poetry, photography, book reviews or anything else. I will feel blessed to work with you. So, Don’t hesitate, let’s learn by sharing.



If you are interested, let me know. I’m waiting for your views and opinions.


29 thoughts on “Looking for collab.

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  1. Hi, I do not know if you are interested but I post devotionals. I do not write them myself I choose them from trusted sites. occasionally I post a little about my day. PLEASE JUSST CHECK MY SITE. I M LOOKING FOR WRITERS. Most Christian but clean poetry is good and other things to talk about. If interested to share with me as well, please let me know. I have a lot of material. posts I can share with you what you might need.


      1. They say revenge could be sweet, but what if revenge ate you from the inside after its done?

        They say revenge won’t get you back what you lost, then what is the point of my futile efforts?

        Will I be given Justice by Karma? If so then, why do I need revenge?

        I hope someday I get what I deserve for all the things I gave away just to get the so-called “revenge”

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      1. Dear past,
        I know u were d best part of life . I wish I could go back to d time & relive those happy hours and care free days….But I couldn’t, as
        nature of law doesn’t allow me.
        What if, u offer me to relive those dark days???🙄 Definitely, I will grab this opportunity….not to make u perfect but… in order to get more time with the ppl , who gave me courage to fight with u and help me to evolve myself.
        So, it’s okay to be awake late in the night, “if u were drowned in the memories of ur past”😉

        Your’s faithfully

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