All you need is love ( BOOK REVIEW)

  • Book :- All you need is love
  • Author :-Arvind Parashar
  • Publisher :-Srishti Publishers and Distributors
  • Genre :- Romantic thriller
  • Format :- Paperback / Kindle
  • Language :- English

My views

Let’s start with what we see first. The cover is very beautiful. Kudos to the designer for such a wonderful cover.

Do you want to read something that’s quite unpredictable with twists and turns every now and then, pick up this novel, “All You Need Is Love” by Arvind Parashar. I am sure this won’t upset you.

The story is perfectly paced and poised taking you through its own mystery and suspense. The buildup of the story is quite interesting and the book is quite a page-turner. I loved living through the horror faced by Neil and Gauri. Though it was quite horrific, it was very exciting read.

Rating :- 4/5

Link of book


* Kindle




Writer : – Sujay Malik

Format :- Kindle edition

Language:- English

My views:-
This story consists of 5-6 characters, each character justify their own role. The central characters are Ramanuj and Pallavi. Two tragedies (death of his father and godfather)with Ramanuj totally changed his life.

Once, he accidentally met Pallavi after that she had a strong influence in his life.
What’s the reason behind that influence and how does it affects Ramanuj’s life? Who was his god-father?
In order to get the above questions, you have to read this book.

Final rating : 4/5