Lonely me..(Part – 5)

We never had conversation, But we perceive each other, And we will  never able to meet each other, Because our perception about each other... Is based on our -"so called friends"       -© Arun Kumar kushwaha    Pic credit- Google .

Lonely me.. ( part – 4)

We shortened our text in name of "maturity" To become career consciousness  & for our bright future. But actually we are fooling each other, By doing that our life became worst. We started thinking of our memories,  instead making new one. We started crying alone, rather wiping tears of each other. Our reality turned into... Continue Reading →

Lonely me ..(part -3)

My so called - ' LOVE' Let's finish this game! Stop thinking about us Stop texting me Stop talking me. Reunite your thoughts , Reconstruct your dreams . Not with our flourish future It should be - our decayed one, Where I should be your enemy. Tomorrow's dawn will be special one, I will stop... Continue Reading →

Lonely me ( part -2)

I don't wanna spoil my mood, Because of your thoughts. What I can do?? Should I ignore you or hate you?? Yeah I did it. But I lamented on next instant, Because I invested my time on you. Now,neither my time nor you are with me.. I have only  loneliness of your memories, And I... Continue Reading →

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