Intoxicated thoughts (Part-1)

My newly love , Getting away from you , nowhere less than hell. Trying to escape from you, as much I can, Though you made my life - Bit easy, more exciting and carefree ! Definitely, dreams are getting partial and wounds get recovered. But,your company no more pleasing to me, even it haunts me... Continue Reading →


We don't know our beginning  We both were traveling , In search of SOMETHING  and that SOMETHING turns into SOMEONE  when she offered her window!!       .....#To_be_continued   -©Arun Kumar kushwaha

Lonely Me ..(part -6)

Originally posted-(   I am throwing my words I am squeezing my heart My words turned into feelings It’s getting more deeper & sharper, As it experienced more  pain rather it witnessed!! They took it , as “poetry” Sometime their appreciation, Sometime their ignorance, But it won’t hurt me Because I took it, as emotions-... Continue Reading →

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