Looking for collab.

Hey readers! Hope you are doing well 😊. I believe sharing information and group work always help us to learn new things. Therefore, I'm looking for collaboration.. it can be poetry, photography, book reviews or anything else. I will feel blessed to work with you. So, Don't hesitate, let's learn by sharing. . . If... Continue Reading →

Wanna join us ??

Wanna join our Whatsapp blogger's group ??? . About group 🍁We don't charge any money ! 🍁You can share about your new blogs . 🍁Any doubts regarding WordPress, feel free to ask , we will try to fix it ! Link of our Whatsapp group

Instagram connectivity

Hllo , everyone! Hope u all r doing great! . From last few months, I have observed bloggers do not get proper appreciation for their posts . This generally occurs due to ,they do not properly connect with other bloggers. . I think we should make a group on any social platform, where we can... Continue Reading →

500+ followers

Some notifications can make your day . Last few days, I'm busy with so many things but when I saw this notification ..this took me 2 years back the way how I started this journey. At the beginning, I'm not sure how long I will continue but with each passing day, the love and faith... Continue Reading →


Initially, They used to say - "take care" Now, They say- " I will take care of you" Yeah, WORDS are needed to ensure ...that you are with them and these WORDS are sign of MATURITY!!!


Thousand of your thoughts..breaking me, Fear of losing you...reaches at peak, Breathe without you...like poison, My tears are falling... like leaves of autumn, With all these..I'm getting lethargic by each passing day !!!    -© Arun Kumar kushwaha Pic source : Google #This time ,I compared my emotions with other things like nature ,poison .... Continue Reading →

My mind is full of random thoughts... Worst memories are overpowering the good ones.. I wanna express it... With whom I should do??? The one who knows me or who understands me?? The one who understands me ,is far from me.. &who knows me ,is unable to know me. I decided to remain with my... Continue Reading →

I swear…

May be I will not praise you,in your victory... May be I will rude to u,in some circumstances.... May be our fights will be ferocious... These things hardly matters..... I will stand next to u,in your hard knocks.. But,I will not wipe your tears... I will teach you, to wipe your own... ...So,u will not... Continue Reading →

At 2 am we used to text.. Now no more chit- chat.. Instead of that,we have video calls. But the difference is-- One wanted time pass.. & other wants to spend time!! With all these, One's contact entered to black list.. And, other one's in recent list!!! #1 st post ©-Arun Kumar kushwaha

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