We don’t know our beginning 

We both were traveling ,

In search of SOMETHING 

and that SOMETHING turns into SOMEONE 

when she offered her window!!


  -©Arun Kumar kushwaha



Thousand of your thoughts..breaking me,

Fear of losing you…reaches at peak,

Breathe without you…like poison,

My tears are falling… like leaves of autumn,

With all these..I’m getting lethargic by each passing day !!!


   -© Arun Kumar kushwaha
Pic source : Google

#This time ,I compared my emotions with other things like nature ,poison .

Hope u will like it !!
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Lonely Me ..(part -6)

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I am throwing my words

I am squeezing my heart

My words turned into feelings

It’s getting more deeper & sharper,

As it experienced more  pain rather it witnessed!!

They took it , as “poetry”

Sometime their appreciation,

Sometime their ignorance,

But it won’t hurt me

Because I took it, as emotions-

My “world” not “word “

-©Arun Kumar kushwaha

School memories


We were classmates,

We hardly had conversations,

We felt neutral towards each other,

Neither jealous nor affection,

At sudden, we started hating each other.

Even we don’t know exact reason,

I guess it might be-

She loves mathematics & I hardly score 1/3 in that,

But I can easily solve mole concept ,while she remain numb in that.

That awkward hatredness turns into affection,

When she taught me complex number

& I taught her mole concept!!

         -© Arun Kumar kushwaha
Pic credit: Google.