WARNING: I will waste your time!

Welcome readers,

🍁It’s all about random thoughts,mainly it will include :- love , loneliness, friendship & school memories .




Please ,go through my posts. Hope you will enjoy it.🙏

Comment with your suggestions and criticisms ,if you hate it !!!

Thank you .☺

U can contact me –

I am waiting for ur feedbacks!!

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      1. Personally I don’t like text speak, I prefer English, but then I am a writer, and I am from a previous generation.
        I suppose it all depends on your target audience, but you might alienate educated people who have been around longer than you.
        Good luck, however you decide to write.

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      2. In my school time, many teachers scolded me for using short forms.
        Well, from now onwards I will avoid it .
        By the way, your poetries are amazing!♥️


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