Welcome Monsoon

Wait is over; No more scorching heat; No more heat stroke. Now, greenery all-round ; Plenty of fresh air surrounds us. _© Arun Kumar Kushwaha Share your views about "Monsoon" in the comment section.

Random thoughts ( Part-18)

पहले , झूठ बोलने से डरते थे . और अब, सच बोलने से डरते है . Have you ever faced above condition? Sometimes, some circumstances force us to hide truth and we are bound to tell lie. But deep down inside, it kills us every second and it's effect can be easily observed in our... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts (Part -17)

शौक नहीं है, लगवा है; खास कर पुरनी चीजों से, माना कीमत कम है, पर मूलवान है . . I'm not a kind of morning - bird person, (un)fortunately i wake up little early in morning. While rearranging things, my eyes stuck on an "object". It tooked me a flashback of my childhood, the good... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts ( Part-14)

ए , दीवारें मै तेरा इतिहास जाने आया था, लेकिन ये ह्रास देखकर... तेरे , भविष्य के लिए चिंतित हूं


Miles out from each other, Sitting in a dark ,even on the  festival of light. Finally , At 10 p.m . cellphone rings. Yeah, it's call from high- school friend,  & in no time, that  darkness turn into giggles and all good vibes!!    Surely,It can be #best_Diwali _gift   So, call your friends& relatives... Continue Reading →

School memories

   #11th_class We were classmates, We hardly had conversations, We felt neutral towards each other, Neither jealous nor affection, At sudden, we started hating each other. Even we don't know exact reason, I guess it might be- She loves mathematics & I hardly score 1/3 in that, But I can easily solve mole concept ,while... Continue Reading →

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